Barbs SUGARING Services

 The ancient art of sugaring a time-honored technique perfected thousands of years ago.With our skincare industry  becoming more "healthy oriented"  and seeking for more Natural  methods to keep our skin looking and feeling freshly renewed, "Sugaring"  has gained increased popularity.  We have found a way to make hair removal a more gentle and effective form of hair removal for all.

Here, you will get one on one time with your Sugarist professional. Appointments are made specifically for you. Completely hygienic, waxing or sugaring, is executed to maintain optimal skin health and catered to fit your needs. We strive to leave you satisfied with your experience.  Our License and Certified professional will  remove hair from all parts of the body, with the exception of leg sugaring services. Of course we are renowned for our expertise with the “nether regions.” Our professional Sugarist is experienced with all skin types and conditions. We have an absolute policy of non-discrimination and service to all,  we are a GLBT- friendly oriented. We do Bikini/Speedo and Brazilians for women and for men. Many salons refuse to provide Brazilians for males, but we’re here for smoothies of all persuasions!